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Essential Barbecue Safety Tips to Help You Avoid the Need for Fire Restoration in Bellefonte, PA

Posted by Administrator at Fire Damage Restoration

When someone asks you what you associate with summer, what comes to mind? Some people think about sunny beaches and trips to exotic lands. Others picture spending all day reading a book or playing video games. Maybe summer is all about barbecues to you. Barbecues are a staple of the summer season, and for good reason. This activity offers a chance to eat excellent food and spend time outdoors with friends and family. However, barbecues can be dangerous if you don’t exercise caution. Firing up the grill can lead to disaster if you don’t know what you’re doing. What should you avoid? What do you need to keep in mind? Read the information below and call ServiceMaster by Holobinko at 814-548-0099 if you have any questions.

Be Careful About Grill Placement

When setting up your grill, don’t place it inside your home. This doesn’t allow for proper ventilation, and it’s a hazard for everyone. Never put it next to a tree or next to your home. Stray sparks or even extreme heat could cause nearby objects to catch on fire. If you’re not sure about a spot, play it safe and move the grill somewhere else.

Never Allow Children to Play Near or Operate the Grill

You may have to do a million things at once at your backyard party, but that’s no reason to get sloppy with safety. Don’t allow any children to play in the vicinity of the grill. Don’t encourage or allow them to operate the grill, especially if they’re too young to even see the top of said grill.

Clean the Grill Before You Use It

Grease and other residue can accumulate on a grill. Clean your grill before you use it to avoid a disaster.

Injuries that involved grills accounted for 16,600 emergency room visits in 2014. If you experience a fire as a result of your grill, contact ServiceMaster by Holobinko of Bellefonte, PA for reliable fire damage restoration help.