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Fireworks and Fire Hurts! Fire Restoration in State College, PA

Posted by Administrator at Disaster Restoration Services

ServiceMaster by Holobinko is here to help you when unexpected disasters, like fire damage, occur in State College, Lewistown, Lewisburg, Mansfield, Williamsport, and DuBois, PA.

We’ve all experienced that euphoric moment when you’re about to touch the flaming orb of a lighter to the dry, gunpowder-encrusted fuse. You’re just moments away from unleashing the pyrotechnic chaos kept within the confines of a Black Cat wrapper.

And then you think to yourself “Maybe I shouldn’t be doing this in the living room…”

Yes, it’s that time of year, when thoughts turn to sparklers, and Roman candles, and bottle rockets…OH MY! Sparklers, and Roman candles, and bottle rockets…OH MY! While you are prepping your lighters, ServiceMaster by Holobinko‘s fire restoration technicians in State College, PA are emptying their schedules in preparation of the increased number of calls.

Despite the legal limitations placed upon us by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, we are still definitely able to obtain and ignite fireworks (and “non-fireworks”) to our heart’s content. And our hearts demand a considerable amount of pyrotechnic content, especially in and around the communities of State College, Williamsport, DuBois, Lewisburg, Lewistown, and Mansfield. We love our fireworks, and our fireworks love us.

Well, for the most part. Sometimes our fireworks get out of hand and contribute to fire damage and smoke damage within the home. Whether you’re personally responsible, or your children felt the rec room was a great place to have a sparkler party, fireworks, by their very nature, can do serious damage to a house.

Expensive fire restoration. Expensive smoke damage repair. And, if fire trucks are necessary, there can be extensive water damage involved as well.

Yes, as fun as fireworks can be, they can become weapons of moderate destruction (WMDs) as well. Never underestimate the destructive potential of even the most innocent fireworks—and that includes black snakes, which everyone says they hate, but secretly, everyone loves that pungent, malodorous smell.

If your fireworks do happen to get out of control this Fourth of July, and your home experiences fire damage, smoke damage, or water damage, give ServiceMaster by Holobinko a call.

Our professional cleaning services crews at are always prepared with the techniques, equipment, and experience to help you and your home recover from an unfortunate fireworks disaster. Be careful out there, and have a great Independence Day!