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Handling Carpet Damage and Dealing with Water Damage Restoration in Lewisburg, PA

Posted by Administrator at Water Damage Restoration

Bad things happen when you least expect it. Maybe you’re walking through your home one day and you feel a wet sensation on your socks. You know you didn’t spill anything in the area and you doubt that anybody else is responsible. What could it be? Aside from a wet pair of socks, you might be dealing with a water damaged carpet, and it’s important to take action. You can’t sit on the problem for three months before you make your move, and the tips below should help. Confused about something? Drop ServiceMaster by Holobinko a line at 570-323-2880 for water damage restoration services. You won’t regret it!

Dry the Carpet as Quickly as You Can

You need to do what you can to get your carpet dry before mold has a change to develop. If the amount of water is small (the same amount there would be if you dropped a glass of water or if a vase fell over), it might be enough to lay some towels down and step on them or apply pressure using your hands. However, if the amount of water is more than that, you’ll need to get help from a professional outside source. This can’t be avoided, especially if you want to avoid bigger issues.

Figure Out the Extent of the Water Damage

Does your carpet look like it’s soaked to the bone? Is the damage isolated to one spot or is the whole room affected? Determining the extent of the damage will help you choose a course of action. Don’t walk off and come back to it later; deal with it immediately, even if you have a full calendar.

Call the Professionals for Help

You can trust ServiceMaster by Holobinko to come out day or night, rain or shine to help you deal with the situation. Using the latest tools and technology, we’ll choose the best course of action and walk you through the process so you can feel at ease.

In 2014, “water damage and freezing” accounted for 33.7% of home insurance losses. Contact ServiceMaster by Holobinko of Lewisburg, PA for reliable water damage restoration help.