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How to Prevent Summer Water Damage and Avoid Water Damage Restoration in Bellefonte, PA

Posted by Administrator at Water Damage Restoration

When you’re in the midst of planning summer fun, you don’t have time to think about things you deem unimportant or insignificant. Who cares if the pipes under the kitchen sink are leaking a little? Does it really matter? Actually, it does. Water damage doesn’t just occur during the winter or after a flood in your community. It’s not always snow that brings problems into your living space. You could come back from a vacation to find your home in bad shape. How do you prevent that from happening? What do you need to pay attention to? Don’t worry – the tips below will help you fight back against the threat of water damage and the need for professional water damage restoration.

Close Everything Up Before You Leave for Vacation

Before you grab your keys and plane tickets, make sure you close up anything that could allow water inside your home while you’re gone. This includes windows, skylights, doors, and vents. Even if it’s a hot sunny day when you leave, that doesn’t mean the weather won’t change. If you’re not sure if you did something, ask a trusted friend, family member, or neighbor to check on your property. Don’t just close something – lock it, too.

Check the Plumbing

If you find a dripping pipe, don’t leave the issue alone – you need to tackle it as quickly as possible. Contact a professional plumber before the problem has a chance to get worse. It’s also a good idea to check the roof to make sure there are no missing or damaged shingles. This will save you from water seeping into your home.

Pay Attention to Your Water Bill

Does your water bill seem to be going up despite the fact that you haven’t changed your water usage? There could be a problem with your plumbing.

According to American Express, 198 million people planned to travel during the summer of 2015. Don’t tackle water damage alone if you come back home to a disaster. Contact ServiceMaster by Holobinko of Bellefonte, PA for reliable water damage restoration help.