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Once Upon a Winter Dreary: Water Damage in State College, PA

Posted by Administrator at Disaster Restoration Services

State College, PA Water Damage During the Dreary Winter Months – ServiceMaster by Holobinko

It’s one of those winter disasters that takes you completely by surprise. You’re sitting at home, watching TV, or you’re working late in the office one evening, when suddenly a terrific cracking sound rends the very air. The next instant, a massive tree limb tears a blunt gash through your roof and continues down through your wall, shattering windows as it descends, wreaking damaging chaos before it slumps to a rest. The horrific scene is punctuated by a frigid wintry blast of unimpeded air that whistles through your home or office. Such is an all-too-familiar drama for many homes and businesses this winter. Heavy snow and thick ice accumulations during this record-breaking season have caused countless trees to cut their losses by sacrificing their limbs to gravity’s siren call, or simply tumble down completely, never taking into account the structure below they’re about to demolish. State College, PA disaster restoration and water damage repair are available through the experts at ServiceMaster by Holobinko!

As winter disasters go, it’s difficult to match the immediacy of falling timber damage. A home or business has to be buttoned up as quickly as possible before freezing temperatures can cause even more damage, like frozen pipes. Even before a home or business experiences severe temperature drops, however, snow and ice has enough time to melt and pool on floors and within walls, which can lead to water damage and black mold nightmares later on down the road, even after the structural damage itself has been repaired. Left for extended amounts of time, standing water can ruin hardwood floors and carpets, while simultaneously turning sheetrock walls into a chalky paste. Mixed in with all of those water damage concerns is the specter of black mold taking hold and then silently spreading in places both visible and invisible.

Don’t increase the odds of water damage and black mold multiplying your disaster costs. Be sure to bring in a professional cleaning outfit that’s well-versed in both water damage restoration and mold removal services. ServiceMaster by Holobinko has the experience you can rely on and trust to quickly and efficiently deal with your water damage and mold removal needs. We can ensure your single disaster doesn’t escalate into a double disaster. Our cleaning and disaster restoration technicians possess the skills, materials and equipment necessary to tackle even the biggest water damage disaster and mold removal scenario.

Remember, a tree can fall anywhere, but if one falls on your home or business within the communities of State College, Williamsport, Lewistown, Lewisburg and Mansfield, Pennsylvania, ServiceMaster by Holobinko can respond quickly to keep your unique disaster contained. If the worst of winter’s wrath has caused a tree to come crashing down on your home or business, contact the cleaning and restoration professionals at ServiceMaster by Holobinko immediately!