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Saving Photos and Books during the Water Damage Repair Process in State College, PA

Posted by Administrator at Water Damage Restoration

The world is a fascinating place. Did you know that water covers about 71% of the surface of the earth? That is a big number, one you can’t ignore. With so much water around us, you have to believe that flooding is a very real possibility in your home and neighborhood. If you do experience a flood in your home, there will be quite a mess to clean up. What if personal items such as photos and books were inside at the time of the flooding? Do you have to throw them away with the rest of your possessions? Not necessarily. At ServiceMaster by Holobinko, we care about helping you recover from a water disaster. We hope our water damage repair tips will help you.

The first thing you need to be aware of is that you need to act quickly. It’s not a good idea to put off the salvaging process for days or weeks after you experience a water disaster. Mold or mildew could grow on the paper, forcing you to throw everything out.

If you want to separate a photo from a frame or another photo, let it soak in warm water and apply light pressure. The warm water will make it easier to gently pull the items apart. It’s a good idea to take a picture of the photos in case they deteriorate further. Once you separate the photos, place each of them in a bag and put them in a freezer. This will get out the moisture. Keep them in the freezer for a while, then lay the photos out to dry.

For books, the recovery process is similar. Rinse the books with clean water, then shake them a bit to help speed up the drying process. Like the photos, each book should be placed in a bag, then stored in the freezer. Long or thick books may have to stay in the freezer for a few weeks before you can take them out.

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