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Signs of a Bad Smoke Damage Repair Company in Saint Marys, PA

Posted by Administrator at Smoke Damage Repair

When you’ve just suffered a fire in your home and you don’t know what to do next, a fire damage repair company can come in and pick up the pieces. While you’re working to help your family recover from the traumatic event, a repair company can clean up your property and save you from extra stress. However, not every smoke damage repair company in Saint Marys, PA, can be counted on to do the job right. Not every company has your well-being and satisfaction in mind. How do you know if the company you’re considering is worth your trust? How do you know if you’ve made a good decision or not?

You Talk to a Machine – Not a Person

When you call the company on the phone, do you get to talk to an actual person? A good company understands your need to talk to a fellow human being about your dilemma. You won’t have to press numbers on your phone only to get pushed from one robotic voice to another. This kind of shady tactic wastes your time and makes a bad situation feel worse. You need a company that connects with you right away at any time of day. Whether you need help in the afternoon or at midnight, somebody should be there to answer your questions.

They Don’t Care About Your Concerns – They Just Want to Get to Work

If the employee who comes to assess the situation brushes you off and doesn’t appear to be interested in conversation, this should be a big red flag for your family. When you’re nervous and scared about removing smoke from your home, you don’t need vague nods and anti-social behavior. You need reassurance. You need something who will explain things and walk you through the procedure.

They Won’t Share Their Certifications

If they won’t tell you if they’re licensed, certified, or insured, walk away.

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