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We’re Here to Pump, CLAP, You Up! | Preventing Sump Pump Failure in State College, PA

Posted by Administrator at Disaster Restoration Services

Water Damage Restoration in State College, PA by ServiceMaster by Holobinko

A sump pump is one of those common household devices homeowners often take for granted. In some cases they may not even know what a sump pump is. However, in the event of a sump pump failure, homeowners learn all about sump pumps in a real hurry, mainly due to the associated flooded basements and water damage restoration needed in State College, PA. That’s when you need to call ServiceMaster by Holobinko.

A sump pump system is most commonly found in the basements of homes situated in low lying areas that are at risk of flooding. They are also utilized where the local water table can shift higher, resulting in increased ground saturation that can seep into basements causing significant water damage, particularly in finished basements.

To alleviate the flooding and saturation risk, basements are constructed (or renovated) to include a type of sluice system around the entirety of the basement floor. Water that enters the basement is funneled, via gravity, to a single point in the basement where a basin collects the water. This drainage system relies on a sump pump to pump the water out of the basin and send it away from the home.

All of this works quite well at fending off water damage. However, if the sump pump breaks down, and there’s no one on hand capable of quickly repairing or replacing it, the sump system can overflow catastrophically, resulting in you calling us for water damage restoration.

To prevent a sump pump failure, follow a few easy tips:

  • Remember, a sump pump relies on electricity. If there’s a power outage, the pump will cease functioning. Install a backup battery system to ensure your pump continues working.
  • Buy a sump pump with an alarm system, or buy an alarm system separately, so you’ll be alerted if there’s a pump problem or if substantial flooding is overwhelming the system.
  • Have your sump pump professionally inspected and conduct maintenance at least once a year. Routine upkeep is a small task that can save you from costly water damage.

If you’re unfortunate enough to experience water damage in your home, ServiceMaster by Holobinko can help you recover via our water damage restoration services, including our structural dry down process. We also provide general water extraction and mold remediation, if necessary.

We’re on call 24-hours-a-day, 7 days a week, serving the central Pennsylvania communities of State College, DuBois, Williamsport, Lewisburg, Lewistown, and Mansfield. Don’t let water damage become more damaging that it already is. Call ServiceMaster by Holobinko as soon as possible!