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What to Do After Your Home Experiences Smoke Damage in Williamsport, PA

Posted by Administrator at Smoke Damage

Fires are a difficult enough experience, but when you throw smoke damage into the mix, things can escalate into madness. How are you supposed to recover from a fire in your home when everything smells and looks so terrible? When it comes to house fires, you’re not alone. In 2014, there were 1,298,000 fires across America. That means that a fire department had to respond to an emergency every 24 seconds. So how did all these unlucky people get rid of the damage caused by smoke? What steps should you follow in order to be just as successful? Before you start pulling your hair out, know this: ServiceMaster by Holobinko is here to provide help. Check out the tips below and move forward with ease.

Keep Safety at the Forefront

Safety is incredibly important and should never be compromised. Don’t step into your home until you have permission from the fire department. Even then, you should wear protective gear and move around with caution. You never know when something could fall or something hot could land on a part of your body and burn you. No matter how anxious you are to get things back to normal, don’t do anything foolish.

Wash What You Can

There are some items that you can clean right away. Curtains, sheets, clothes, and tablecloths are just a few of the things you can put in the washing machine. Use an alkaline cleaner and for delicate items, contact a dry cleaner. They will have the right equipment to get soot out of fragile things without damaging them.

Use Box Fans When Possible

Stick box fans in windows to help air circulate in a room damaged by smoke. This will also prevent further smoke damage.

Give your family a fighting chance. Contact ServiceMaster by Holobinko of Williamsport, PA for reliable smoke cleaning help.