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Wall Cleaning

Wall Cleaning Services in Lewistown, PA

Why Choose ServiceMaster by Holobinko for Wall Cleaning Services in Lewistown

Your walls go through a lot. Whether it’'s the every day dust, soil, and other particles, or more extensive damage from fire, smoke, or mold, these many particles build up layer after layer of sticky film on your walls and ceilings. Wall washing is an economical way to freshen up your business without spending thousands of dollars repainting. Over the years, paint has become more durable, which makes it easier and less expensive to clean the walls in your offices, lobbies, and hallways. At ServiceMaster by Holobinko, we use powerful cleaning products that will leave your walls and ceilings clean and bright, without affecting the paint.

While we’re on-site doing the wall cleaning in your office, we can also take care of a full array of other commercial cleaning services:

  • Carpet and area rug cleaning
  • Hard surface floor cleaning
  • Upholstered furniture cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Vandalism cleanup

If your business needs wall cleaning do not hesitate to call ServiceMaster by Holobinko. Call us or contact us online today to learn more about our wall cleaning services in Lewistown and beyond.